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Shroom Media

Take a byte™

It starts with a spore.

It does not want War.

Spore(s) Make More.

A Spore is so very tiny, but when it fruits forth it is an unstopible force. Mycylium is a distributed intellegence, of geneticaly diverse single celled organisms, working together, as one. Fungi break down polution, death, decay it into a new medium useful, safe, for life once more.

ShroomMedia is a new Digital Media Brand free of any corporate control, advertiser influence. Infect'ing the world with a new media, promoting peace, prosparity, presurvation of resources, the persuit of happienss, and enhanced human knowledge and cognition.

So too must we do with out poluted minds if we are to break free from corporate controls, state sponsorend PsyOps, radical ideaologies. of the control imposed by Goverments, Oligarchs, Religious Dogma, Political Parties, and Corporations.

Free your mind, the rest will follow...