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Shroom Media

Take a byte™

It starts with a spore.

It does not want War.

Spore(s) Make More.

ShroomMedia.com is to creating and independent psychidelic media and video game compapany that will never sell any control or risk going out of buisness.

we need your help to do it.

This is being accomoplished by raising gifted funds to create video games and other media and enrich and enlightent as well as awaken the minds of the world. This is possible as using sophisticated mathimatics I am able to create a trust that will continue to yield value to publish free trippy media and video games. Mind melting games met to alter the world. All funds collected during this period will be invested in a mathmatical stratigy designed to never lose the capitial Bitcoin; the proceeds used from this investment will fund the development of next generation HTML5 Web, Phone and Console Games: first in 2D then in 3D and into the Virtual and Augmented future of gaming. This will providing funding for me and others to work on fun you and for others for free!

ShroomMedia is a new Digital Media Brand free of any corporate control, advertiser influence. Infect'ing the world with a new media, promoting peace, prosparity, presurvation of resources, the persuit of happienss, and enhanced human knowledge and cognition.

So too must we do with out poluted minds if we are to break free from corporate controls, state sponsorend PsyOps, radical ideaologies. of the control imposed by Goverments, Oligarchs, Religious Dogma, Political Parties, and Corporations.

Free your mind, the rest will follow...